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Discover the Quella Commuter: your 'Ready for Anything' partner on the daily grind. These bikes are fine-tuned for the cycle-to-work warrior, integrating special features to amplify safety, comfort, and enjoyment on your urban expeditions.

Crafted as a smart twist on our main ranges, the Quella Commuter steps up the game with puncture-proof, black tyres—relentlessly tough for city streets (and yes, we're on the hunt for brown!). Never miss a beat with the convenience of an integrated bottle holder, keeping hydration at your fingertips.

Experience the added protection of Quella mudguards that keep you dry through splashes and puddles, ensuring a cleaner ride no matter the weather. With riser bars fitted to provide an elevated vantage point, you'll command a better view of your surroundings while navigating through traffic. The cherry on top is our most comfortable saddle yet, promising a cushioned, pleasant ride from start to finish.

Ideal for those utilizing 'cycle to work' schemes, the Quella Commuter is more than just a bike—it's a smart investment in your daily journey. Join the ride that's perfecting the art of urban commuting.

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