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Introducing the Quella Classic: 'The Perfect All-Rounder' for the discerning cyclist who seeks both comfort and style in their urban adventures. This model retains the soul of our design philosophy while enhancing the ride experience with thoughtful specifications.

The Quella Classic is fitted with rider-friendly bars for a more relaxed grip, allowing you to navigate through the city with ease and assurance. The robust 32mm tyres provide a smooth, forgiving ride on the unpredictable textures of urban roads, ensuring that comfort is never sacrificed.

But make no mistake—though comfort is king, the Quella Classic doesn't stray from the urban aesthetic that is our signature. It's a bike that looks at home on city streets, exuding confidence and a quiet coolness that complements its rider.

Whether it's your daily commute, a leisurely jaunt through the park, or a spirited weekend ride, the Quella Classic stands as your versatile companion, ready to elevate every journey with its impeccable balance of comfort and urban chic.

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