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Spring Accessory Bundle

Spring Accessory Bundle

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Phone Holder and Bottle Cage Colour
T-Shirt Size

We know the joy of the first ride in the spring air, so we've put together something special. When you pick up your new bike this season, we're throwing in a Spring Accessory Cycle Pack that's got your back, whether you're heading to the hills or cruising the city streets.

What’s in the Pack?

  • Hands-Free, Hassle-Free: A trusty phone holder to keep your device secure. Whether you're tracking your route or queuing up your favorite playlist, it's all at your fingertips.
  • Backup for the Road: A set of spare inner tubes, because peace of mind means enjoying the ride, not worrying about the 'what ifs.'
  • Stash and Dash: The RAVX saddle bag is all about grab-and-go convenience without sacrificing style.
  • Sip as You Spin: A bottle holder that’s there when you need it, because who wants to stop when you're in the zone?
  • Pump It Up: A nifty RavX mini pump. It's small, but like the best of us, it punches above its weight.
  • Ride in Colour: A Blue Quella T-shirt that says 'cyclist' in the day and 'casual' after the ride.
  • Leverage on the Go: Those Yellow Tyre levers aren't just bright so you can't lose them—they'll pop those tires off like it's nothing.
  • Toolkit, Refined: And the 10-in-1 multi-tool? It's like a Swiss Army knife for your bike. Keep everything tuned to perfection.

Your bike's not just a bike—it's part of your adventure. And with this Spring Accessory Cycle Pack, you're ready for anything. Enjoy the ride!

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