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Nero Courier Cappuccino Single-Speed Bike

Nero Courier Cappuccino Single-Speed Bike

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The Nero Courier Cappuccino, finished in a matt black with a cream wheel set, tan tyres, tan bar tape and tan saddle.

Our 'Courier' range utilises bull horn style bars which suit a more sports/aggressive riding style.  If you prefer are more upright/easy riding style then check-out our 'Classic' model with riser style handlebars.

The Nero range are our best-selling entry level bikes, super dependable, sturdy and simple.  All Neros are built around a highly durable diamond-form frame with our signature Deep-V wheelset.  The strong but pliable high tensile steel frame is able to absorb the bumps and lumps of our city roads making for a comfortable ride and the simple componentry is virtually maintenance free save for a wash and a spot of oil from time to time.  All Neros are built with a 'flip-flop' hub fitted with a fixed-gear sprocket on one side and a single speed freewheel on the other so you can choose between riding fixie or a simple single speed.  The 44/16 gear ratio provides a great balance between acceleration and top-speed and is perfect for city riding.

Comfortable, reliable and robust, the Nero is the perfect city bike. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer reviews through the link below.

Comes fitted with mounts for a rack, bottle holder and mudguards which can all be ordered separately from our wide range of accessories.  All Quella bikes are supplied with brakes and pedals.


Frame: Hi-Ten Steel

Forks: Hi-Ten Steel

Chainset: KMC Z410 with Spring Clip

Pedals: Quella Platform

Gear ratio: 44/16t

Rims: Quella 40mm Deep-V Alloy

Tyres: Kenda

Tyre Width: 25mm

Wheel Size: 700c

Brakes: Radius Dual Pivot

Brake Type: Calliper

Front Mech: Quella VC 44t chainring

Rear Mech: Quando 16t Flip/Flop

Handlebars: Quella Bullhorn (as standard)

Stem: Quella 85mm 7 /-

Saddle: Quella VC Urban

Seat Post: Micro Adjust

Headset: Neco Threadless

Stand Over Height: 28.5″ (51cm), 30″ (54cm), 33″ (58cm), 34″ (61cm)

Weight: 11.3 kgs (51cm), 11.3 kgs (54cm), 11.8 kgs (58cm), 11.8 kgs (61cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Quality not quite up to the demands even for a low-priced single speed

I originally purchased a Quella 7 or 8 years ago and had a great experience with it before having to replace it recently. Sadly I experienced the same issues as other users mentioned where the chain failed (snapped in multiple places) after less than 200km of cycling. I reached out to Quella support and they were helpful but I'd really recommend they change the model of chain used on this bike as it's plainly not up to scratch. If you do buy this I'd recommend you swap the chain out immediately! A good quality KMC single speed chain is only £10-20

Scott Pollock
Chain snapped

Chain snapped first ride

Patrick Serrell
Best please fun

Tick all the boxes of a single speed ,simple ,easy ,no worries, and very sturdy , many thanks.

Harry Sadler
Struggles under pressure

I have mixed feelings about my experience with Quella. The concept behind the company is excellent, offering bikes that are easy to receive and simple to set up. However, I've encountered a couple of issues with my Nero Courier Black Single-Speed Bike in less than five months of ownership.

Living in Manchester city centre, I use my Quella bike about five times a week to commute to work and travel to various places, averaging 30 minutes per journey. I’d like to note that I am quite competent with bike maintenance and set up, and I also perform regular cleaning and oiling to prevent issues. The terrain is mostly flat, the roads are relatively well-maintained, and my riding style is not particularly demanding. Despite this, after just 2-3 months, the tension screw on the right side of the bike stripped and would slip whenever I applied pressure to the pedals. Additionally, the thread where the tension screw was inserted into the bike was also stripped, requiring me to purchase a third-party chain tensioner that could be clipped on from the back of the bike. More recently, the bike chain snapped, marking yet another mechanical failure due to the bike being unable to handle the tension from the pedals. It’s disheartening to face these issues within five months, especially on a bike priced at £399.

While I’m not a bike designer, my recent experience suggests that Quella needs to reassess the quality of their product.

Quella might try to respond to this review by highlighting that their frames are made of ‘Hi-Ten Steel’ and they use ‘KMC Z410’ chains, but despite their specifications, my bike still experienced mechanical failures with these components. Quella might also argue that my bike setup was incorrect, but I can caveat this with the fact that I followed Quella’s own setup videos (in addition to using my knowledge from previous experiences).

A single-speed bike should be able to withstand the regular tension and pressure of everyday use, yet mine did not.

We are sorry to hear of the problems you are facing. It is rare to have issues with tension pins on our bikes and would not recommend changing the bicycle set-up installing different styles of tensions pins that were not designed for the bike. The threading of tension pins is an easy circumstance to happen if the when the bike was built they were inserted at an angle when positioning the back wheel. Also, it can take time for tension pins to come loose under pressure as the grooves in the frame deteriote, similar can often happen to pedals if inserted incorrectly. We do recommend that our bikes are built by trained mechanics to avoid/warranty such scenerios should they happen. That said it is an uncommon occurence, we also know that folk wish to build bikes themselves which is why we also provide an instructional video to help. Unfortunately warranty does not cover threading, that said we would have been happy to have the bike returned for review assessment at that time.

We also see following the insertion of a new tensioner the chain then snapped, again this could be for a number of reasons and not necessarily down to the KMC product, which industry does know are pretty much 'bomb-proof'. Alignment will usually be the issue here wearing the down the chain however, now non recommended product/tensioners have been installed that were not designed for the bike this may also have caused issues, more particularly with alignment. I would certainly take the bicycle to a mechanic for a full review and we'd be very happy to chat to them about the set-up. We would always recommend that if you have an issue with your bike, speak to us first so that we can evaluate the situation as the manufacturers. Still feel free to call us and we will help where we can, we ride, repair and build single speed bikes daily, it really is worth contacting us first!

Nathan O.
Joy Back to Cycling

Having been a cyclist all my life, I bought the Nero to commute into work while my other bike was being fixed. I might just commute full time with the Nero. It’s so much fun, strong, and super smooth. It has brought the joy back to my cycling. Delivery, assembly instructions etc were all good. The bike is simple mechanically and so easy to fix / adjust. So far, it also seems strong on some bad London roads. Highly recommend the bike and Quella as a company.