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Varsity Imperial Stealth Electric Bike

Varsity Imperial Stealth Electric Bike

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Frame Size (recommended height)
  • Lightweight from 13.9kg, ideal for city living
  • Operates with Bluetooth Technology
  • Up to 60km in one charge
  • In-built GPS system
  • Battery recharges as you ride
  • Tamper-proof wheel lock function
  • Pedal assist up to 25km/h

The Quella ELECTRIC Stealth maintains a vintage retro design with the upgraded finishing touches from our Stealth range.   The revolutionary electric motor and battery fit neatly inside the rear hub in a handsome, stainless steel plated body that enables partial re-charging whilst you ride – say goodbye to sweaty rides (if you want to!). You can arrive at work fresh as a daisy or regulate the power to have a great workout.

Our electric hub has 4 power levels –

  1. No assist (manual riding)
  2. Eco mode – Pedal assist with maximum distance (50/60km) from one charge.
  3. Turbo – Maximum pedal assistance up to 25km/h with a maximum power of 250W.
  4. Turbo Custom – Create your own Pedelec power mode! You can change 2 parameters: the amount of BOOST the motor gives you at low speed and the overall amount of ASSISTANCE factor of the motor.

 There is no need for tax, insurance or a licence as this innovative motor is compliant with EAPC law.

Bluetooth technology links the hub to your handlebar remote and your phone so you manage your hub settings through an app. The hub incorporates a regenerative KERS (Kinetic Energy Recuperation System) braking system, similar technology as used in Formula One engines, energy is converted to recharge and power the battery whilst back-pedalling and simultaneously slowing the bicycle down.

Extremely lightweight the Quella e-bike starts at just 13.9kg for our 51 and 54cm frames and 15.2kg for our 58 and 61cm frames.

Our stunning Varsity Oxford is finished in a classic Oxford Blue coloured frame with complementary Quella premium finish kit. Like the two great universities, it competes with the Varsity Cambridge for the top spot.

Bicycle Frame Features:

· Retro Chrome finish.

· Chromoly 4130 frame and fork, double-butted at the seat post for extra strength.

· Vintage design CNC Crank Set.

· 3-spoke Magnesium alloy front rim 

Electric Hub Key Features:

· Battery and motor contained in lightweight 3.2kg hub.

· Hub motor is 250W assisting the rider up to 25km/h.

· Battery can be powered to full capacity 2-3 hours, simply plug the charging cable into a power source.

· Motor assistance activates once the bike reaches 5km “As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor will stop pushing”.

· Bluetooth connectivity links the hub to your phone so you manage your hub settings through the Zehus app.

· Re-charge the battery as you ride by pedalling backwards to activate the regenerative braking system (KERS).

In-built GPS system

Electric Hub Technical Data:

Drive Unit:

· Rate Power 250W

· Maximum torque 40Nm

Battery Pack:

· 29.2 Volts

· Rated Capacity 5300 mAh

· Energy 154.8 Wh


· Weight 3.2 Kg

Hub: Zehus Generation 2

· Operating Temperature: -20 degrees to +70 degrees

· Storage temperature: -40 degrees to +60 degrees

· Charging Temperature: -20 degrees to +60 degrees

· Degree of protection: IP54


· Voltage Input 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

· Output voltage 31.2V

· Charging current 1.5A

· Charging time 3 Hours

 Click here to see how it works

Available via all cycle to work schemes, for more info on potential savings, click here.



Frame: Cro-mo 4130 

Forks: Cro-mo 4130 

Crank: Quella Premium Vintage CNC Aluminium 44T

Pedals: Wellgo Platform

Gear ratio: 44T/16T

Rear Electric Hub: Zehus

Rear Rims: Quella 40mm Deep-V Double Wall CNC Braking Surface

Front Wheel: Quella 3-spoke Black Magnesium Alloy 2.09kg

Tyres: Kenda West 25c

Brakes: Radius Dual Pivot Calliper

Handlebars: Quella Premium Bullhorn with 31.8 Bore

Stem: Quella Premium 90mm reach

Saddle: Quella Premium Varsity Body Geo Comfort Saddle

Seat Post: Micro Adjust 27.2

Headset: Quella CNC Sealed Bearing

Stand Over Height: 28.5″ 51cm, 30″ (54cm), 33″ (58cm), 34″ (61cm)

Weight inc Electric Hub:  13.9 kgs (51cm), 13.9 kgs (54cm), 15.2 kgs (58cm), 15.2 kgs (61cm)

Voted best e-bike by The Strategist Magazine

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The bike is stunning and so much fun to ride. It’s...

The bike is stunning and so much fun to ride. It’s easy to set up and was package beautifully. There was a slight scuff mark on the rear of the frame which was surprising as the packaging seemed more than adequate. Overall the bike is perfect foe my needs and looks beautiful, it’s beauty is only let down by the pedals which don’t seem to fit with the rest of the bike. I would definitely recommend Quella the bikes are both beautiful and fun to ride.

E-Varsity Review I ought to ‘fess up to a couple of...

E-Varsity Review I ought to ‘fess up to a couple of things before I start this review. I am *** and have’nt ridden a bike in 39 years. So when lockdown started, and with a desire to keep away from the petri-dish that is public transport I thought a bike would be a good idea. And, because I am a *** for technology (and avoiding getting sweaty) I thought an ebike would be an even better idea. But where to start? Like so many I turned to the web/you tube etc. Trouble is, most ebikes look like they’ve been engineered by a soviet pot-welder. Enter Quella and the e-varsity range. Just what I remembered as a teenager when I built my own bike from a Reynolds 531 frame (that, and all subsequent additions were scrounged from school bike sheds and I loved it – until some *** nicked it) with an ancient brooks saddle, V-brakes, drop bars etc. So, as you might now have gathered, this is something of a late-midlife crisis purchase. The E-Varsity is a classic road bike frame, skinny tyres, caliper brakes and, in my case, moustache handlebars sourced by *** at Quella. And Quella delivered – on so many levels. Quite apart from the fact that the bike is an object of singular beauty, the engineering elegance of the e-solution is by far the best out there. The Zehus hub (and it’s worth noting the word ‘hub’ – that’s it, motor, battery cells and controller in one place) looks like an outsize sturmey-archer gear hub, adds only 3kg to the weight, and provides enough assistance, at 3 levels, to enable me to commute through hilly bits of London down to the river and back again, loving every minute. This combined with the friendly hands-on attitude of *** and *** at Quella. These two are NOT the surly know-it-alls from your local bike shop – they own the business and it shows. They even threatened to deliver the bike in person – and I should’ve accepted. I hadn’t been aware that the 2nd gen Zehus hub was so recently introduced. So recently, in fact that I became something of a beta-tester for the hub in real-world conditions. But both Quella and *** at Zehus were brilliant and sorted out the teething problems within a week. At one point *** from Quella was on the phone to me almost daily, sorting out any niggles - and I’m a pain in the ***, especially if I’ve just spent *** quid on a bike. Oh, and the 2nd-gen has a remote control (Bluetooth) with a boost button to give that extra oomph up steep hills, a battery indicator and the ability to swap between assistance modes. And its worth putting that cost into perspective. Before lockdown I was spending £*** a month on the tube – and would frequently drive and park at the station. I flogged the car (an ancient 5th-hand mini) and bought the bike. Now I try and use the bike for all those local trips I previously used the car for – saving an unquantifiable sum, quite apart from the saving on parking/insurance/maintenance etc. So I reckon it should pay for itself in a year or so. And the best bit? It’s the most fun I’ve had in ages on two wheels. You might have got the impression that I bought the bike as an exercise in cost saving, sustainability and personal health. Well, that’s how I justified it to the Vicar. But the truth is…………….WWHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!