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Best please fun

Tick all the boxes of a single speed ,simple ,easy ,no worries, and very sturdy , many thanks.

Struggles under pressure

I have mixed feelings about my experience with Quella. The concept behind the company is excellent, offering bikes that are easy to receive and simple to set up. However, I've encountered a couple of issues with my Nero Courier Black Single-Speed Bike in less than five months of ownership.

Living in Manchester city centre, I use my Quella bike about five times a week to commute to work and travel to various places, averaging 30 minutes per journey. I’d like to note that I am quite competent with bike maintenance and set up, and I also perform regular cleaning and oiling to prevent issues. The terrain is mostly flat, the roads are relatively well-maintained, and my riding style is not particularly demanding. Despite this, after just 2-3 months, the tension screw on the right side of the bike stripped and would slip whenever I applied pressure to the pedals. Additionally, the thread where the tension screw was inserted into the bike was also stripped, requiring me to purchase a third-party chain tensioner that could be clipped on from the back of the bike. More recently, the bike chain snapped, marking yet another mechanical failure due to the bike being unable to handle the tension from the pedals. It’s disheartening to face these issues within five months, especially on a bike priced at £399.

While I’m not a bike designer, my recent experience suggests that Quella needs to reassess the quality of their product.

Quella might try to respond to this review by highlighting that their frames are made of ‘Hi-Ten Steel’ and they use ‘KMC Z410’ chains, but despite their specifications, my bike still experienced mechanical failures with these components. Quella might also argue that my bike setup was incorrect, but I can caveat this with the fact that I followed Quella’s own setup videos (in addition to using my knowledge from previous experiences).

A single-speed bike should be able to withstand the regular tension and pressure of everyday use, yet mine did not.

We are sorry to hear of the problems you are facing. It is rare to have issues with tension pins on our bikes and would not recommend changing the bicycle set-up installing different styles of tensions pins that were not designed for the bike. The threading of tension pins is an easy circumstance to happen if the when the bike was built they were inserted at an angle when positioning the back wheel. Also, it can take time for tension pins to come loose under pressure as the grooves in the frame deteriote, similar can often happen to pedals if inserted incorrectly. We do recommend that our bikes are built by trained mechanics to avoid/warranty such scenerios should they happen. That said it is an uncommon occurence, we also know that folk wish to build bikes themselves which is why we also provide an instructional video to help. Unfortunately warranty does not cover threading, that said we would have been happy to have the bike returned for review assessment at that time.

We also see following the insertion of a new tensioner the chain then snapped, again this could be for a number of reasons and not necessarily down to the KMC product, which industry does know are pretty much 'bomb-proof'. Alignment will usually be the issue here wearing the down the chain however, now non recommended product/tensioners have been installed that were not designed for the bike this may also have caused issues, more particularly with alignment. I would certainly take the bicycle to a mechanic for a full review and we'd be very happy to chat to them about the set-up. We would always recommend that if you have an issue with your bike, speak to us first so that we can evaluate the situation as the manufacturers. Still feel free to call us and we will help where we can, we ride, repair and build single speed bikes daily, it really is worth contacting us first!

Joy Back to Cycling

Having been a cyclist all my life, I bought the Nero to commute into work while my other bike was being fixed. I might just commute full time with the Nero. It’s so much fun, strong, and super smooth. It has brought the joy back to my cycling. Delivery, assembly instructions etc were all good. The bike is simple mechanically and so easy to fix / adjust. So far, it also seems strong on some bad London roads. Highly recommend the bike and Quella as a company.

Varsity Edinburgh

Amazing bike from the start.. Colour is super nice and so are the finishing touches of tan and chrome. I have ridden over 300 miles so far on this bike with no issues or regrets. I wouldn't change anything. Worth the extra over the Nero too for the chromoly frame and sealed bearings etc.

Brake levers

I orderd a replacement set for my bike as the original broke. Very good quality and I would recommend the service and delivery times.

Stunning bike!

I have recently purchased a Quella Cambridge e-bike and couldn’t be happier!
The frame and aesthetic is so light and refined that you would never guess it is an assisted bike. I have already used on hills and it feels like riding on a flat surface.
Moreover, they go above and beyond with customer care, so couldn’t recommend it more!

Great bike and great customer service very happy all...

Great bike and great customer service very happy all around !

Friendly service, easy and fast communication. quality...

Friendly service, easy and fast communication. quality build on the bike. Nothing but good things from this company. Highly recommend!

Great bike at a great price. Looks super stylish....

Great bike at a great price. Looks super stylish. Extremely quick delivery! Very happy customer.

Love my new bike more than my wife, thanks Quella!...

Love my new bike more than my wife, thanks Quella!!!

I was very satisfied with the level of service, every...

I was very satisfied with the level of service, every step felt personal and honest. I would highly recommend Quella to anyone wanting a great single speed bike that looks and rides great. The build quality is first class, easy to do the final assembly and rides like it looks, sleek.

I had my local bike shop receive and assemble the...

I had my local bike shop receive and assemble the Imperial Western. Everything was perfect with shipping across the pond. Easily assembled. They commented on how cool and different the bike was. I took the bike home, road for a good while. Absolutely loved the bike. Loved the wheel modification in the front. Awesome! The people at Quella were a pleasure to work with. They were quick to get back with questions I had. It was a pleasure all around. Thanks!!! I will be back!

Order came quickly, all was good apart from a front...

Order came quickly, all was good apart from a front tyre that would deflate, unsure whether this was from Quella or due to transit or installation error. Contacted customer services and Paul was amazing, took the time to diagnose the issue and volunteered to send the replacement parts. Good product with great, caring customer service too.

Great company to work with. Excellent personal service....

Great company to work with. Excellent personal service. I loved the bikes. Quite fetching. Honestly, I love the updated vintage look. So looking forward to the maiden voyage. I will definitely purchase from Quella again. So many bikes so little time...and only two legs. - RS in the US

I can't fault the service and delivery arrangements...

I can't fault the service and delivery arrangements everything was excellent and spot on. The bike frame is excellent and I think an improvement on the Nero I owned a few years ago. The wheels aren't too great, although the hubs run very freely they are way out of true and don't line up accurately where the rims join, so a little disappointing. I also changed the brake levers to bar end levers, but the internal diameter of bars was too small meaning buying new bars. However as this was a personal choice this isn't a criticism of Quella.

I love this bike. I wanted a no nonsense, single speed,...

I love this bike. I wanted a no nonsense, single speed, low maintenance bike, that looks good, with the idea of improving my fitness and commuting back and too to work. It hasn't disappointed. I highly recommended the Varsity range. And as a bonus it's a U.K brand which is important to me. I've rode It everyday since it was delivered. That happened within a day or 2 from when I ordered. 5 star!!

I found ordering with Quella easy and informative...

I found ordering with Quella easy and informative with helping with my decision on what bike and spec to order. After riding my bike for 2 -3 weeks now commuting to work, I am really happy with my choice of the single speed and the style of the Varsity. It looks fantastic and have had many comments on how good it looks! I ordered mud guards with the bike which rattle once fitted. The front mud guard comes with a mounting bracket which is great and fits nicely but the rear mudguard doesn’t have a bracket to mount to the brake calliper so is very noisy whilst riding. I have had to improvise by fitting some old tyre inner tube in between the bracket and mudguard which has worked but ideally a bracket on the mudguard would be better if able to improve the mudguard fitting. There was a mis-understanding on the order which got lost between verbal discussions on the phone and email confirmation, but Quella dealt with it very accommodatingly and did their best to resolve the problem with no extra cost which was great to deal with that outlook. The brakes didn’t come setup which wasn’t ideal so had to get a shop to set them up. Something I found very useful was some of the YouTube videos of setting the bike up but it would have been helpful if there was a video from start to finish of the setting up of the bike. The new handlebars didn’t come with a bracket to fit the bars as they were a different diameter to the bar that came so that wasn’t ideal and should’ve been sent with the bars. As a whole I am extremely happy with my purchase. I found the pricing very good and it looks fantastic, not just my purchase but the whole range look awesome. I would highly recommend to other friends ( and have done so) to get a single speed and in particular from the Quella range. Many thanks

Nice quality bike, well finished and a great ride...

Nice quality bike, well finished and a great ride (Varsity Cambridge). A small snag with missing tensioner bolts was quickly rectified when I contacted customer service. This bike is a real head turner. I've had several cyclists shout across to me.

I received some very helpful advice from Abi over...

I received some very helpful advice from Abi over the phone before I made my purchase, and then the ordering process (which was by email as I was using a Cycle Scheme certificate) was really smooth and fast. The bike arrived as planned and all looks and works great!

This is my first fixed gear bike. It rides smooth...

This is my first fixed gear bike. It rides smooth and looks great

After experiencing some really bad customer service...

After experiencing some really bad customer service from a certain fruit themed bike company, I decided to give Quella a call and enquire about lead times and possible customisation options. It was really refreshing to speak to someone immediately. The person I spoke to was friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. I ended up placing an order for a Varsity Imperial with a few custom options, I emailed the team for a quote and they answered within an hour, the whole process was pain free and several days later I received my new bike. Assembly was straight forward and I've had no issues so far, everything is really good quality and I love riding my new bike.

I'm extremely happy with the bicycle! Assembly was...

I'm extremely happy with the bicycle! Assembly was almost easy and took no more than half an hour. The only thing I was struggling with was tightened nuts on rear wheel. I had to unscrew them with the only one provided spanner in order to install the wheel on the frame. That was tricky, I decided to use my pliers and piece of fabric in order to avoid damaging. Bicycle itself is the piece of art! Light, stylish and fast like a bullet. Thank you Abi and a Quella team!

Absolutely top customer service and super fast delivery....

Absolutely top customer service and super fast delivery. I am really pleased with my custom O’Niells Wheels!

Excellent bike, fast and well made. Beautifully ba...

Excellent bike, fast and well made. Beautifully balanced.

Very friendly and helpful service over the phone,...

Very friendly and helpful service over the phone, arrived on time, and the bike is great. Very happy customer.