Fixie Bikes - In the Top 10 University Essentials

Fixie Bikes - In the Top 10 University Essentials

It’s not all about packing the condoms, spot cream, clean pants, Mr Snugglebear and a picture of your Mum. When you’re bursting into tears and heading off to do Star Wars studies at the University of Norwich, it’ll be useful to get about a bit. And for those of us not rocking up in Daddy’s new Lambo, two new wheels are in the top 10 University essentials.

Luckily, UK company Quella bikes think they have the answer, with their brand new Varsity Fixie bike.


Why Fixie Bikes? Why Quella? And why the Varsity?

You’ve started already haven’t you, with your smart arsed ‘I’m off to college questions’. Well put your hand down, stop shouting ‘Me sir, I know the answer’ and we’ll tell you….

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The Varsity fixie from Quella is a fun, low maintenance, track inspired speedster. Having fun is good; you probably wouldn’t recognise a maintenance spanner if you found one in your breakfast; and you’ll think you’re a top track athlete even on the way back from the kebab shop. Win. Win, Win.

It’s sensible money – starting at £479.00, you’ll still have plenty of change to buy a badly fitting vintage outfit, that you think makes you look highly interesting.

Buying a Quella Varsity fixie will help you get used to not understanding a word in your first lecture – because built around an upgraded 4130 frame and fork, the Varsity models feature sealed headset bearings, an intricate, vintage style, aluminium 48T crank, and a full Quella Premium finishing kit for improved comfort and performance. Let go…. be baffled.

It will make you more exciting in bed. Buying a Quella Varsity fixie bike, gives you licence to use the word ‘componentry’. DO NOT use this word until you have mastered the art of riding a fixie bike – you will be unprepared to deal with the sexual fall out and wind up in A&E.

The Varsity Fixies all have a great paint job, reflecting either the classic Cambridge and Oxford blues, a slate grey for Edinburgh, or the stunning chrome finish representing London’s hi-tech buildings at Imperial. So if you’re clever and got into any of the above, it’s the only bike for you. And if you’re at the University of Scunthorpe get one anyway – for under 500 quid you can look intelligent, without doing any of that studying nonsense.

So stop watching Love Island and take a look at our Varsity Fixie bikes, for one of your top 10 University essentials.

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